1990 Founding of WKN Windkraft Nord GmbH. The company’s purpose and objective is to develop wind farms. The first projects are carried out in cooperation with Vestas Deutschland GmbH.
1993 Commissioning of the first wind farm in Hedwigenkoog, Northern Germany. With 2.25 MW the most important wind farm in Germany at the time.
1994-97 WKN constructs five further wind farms in Schleswig-Holstein with wind energy turbines of the 500 and 600 kilowatt categories.
1998-99 WKN launches the biggest project in its history so far. In a period of two years 10 wind farms with a total of 67 wind turbines are erected. Moreover, a wind turbine of the 1.65-MW category is commissioned, followed by the first 2-MW wind turbine made by Vestas.
2000 On 1 January 2000 WKN Windkraft Nord and its parent company BGZ Beteiligungsgesellschaft Zukunftsenergien change their company form and become corporations (Aktiengesellschaften) under German law. WKN takes up business activities abroad. The first target market is Spain where WKN signs a cooperation agreement with a local planner in 2000. In the same year a further cooperation agreement is reached in Poland. In September 2000 WKN, together with the Holding BGZ AG and its subsidiaries, moves into the “Haus der Zufunftsenergien” (House of Future Energies) in Husum (Germany). With this step the idea of a competence centre for the use of regenerative energy sources has become reality. The spatial proximity to the partner companies stimulates synergy effects and the daily exchange of experience.
2001 In August 2001 WKN commissions its biggest wind farm so far. The Apensen Wind Farm consists of a total of 21 wind turbines of the 1.65-MW category. WKN USA Inc. is founded in the USA as a 100% subsidiary of WKN AG.
2002 At the beginning of the year WKN establishes its own regional office in France that serves to identify appropriate locations and secure project rights. In Italy WKN concludes a joint venture with Aero-Sol, a local partner.
2003 As a worldwide novelty WKN erects the first wind farm with a completely new protection concept – accident and breakdown cover – provided by the wind turbine manufacturer. On the Zitz-Warsaw Wind Farm 20 NEG Micon 1.5-MW wind turbines are installed.
2004 At the end of 2004 WKN Windkraft Nord AG constructs its biggest wind farm so far in Porep-Jännersdorf / Brandenburg (Germany) – 31 wind turbines with 2 MW installed capacity each.
2005 Sale of the first foreign project Francofonte, Sicily (Italy).
2006 WKN sells further German projects to international investors. The Italian wind farm Francofonte is constructed. WKN sells its first US American project (Snyder Wind Farm) to one of the biggest energy suppliers in the world. WKN and Siemens Project Ventures establish a joint venture with Innovative Wind Concepts GmbH (IWC) for the development of wind energy projects in Eastern and Central Europe. At the end of the year WKN sells international projects in Poland, Italy and Spain to an internationally active company.
2007 WKN hands over Francofonte, the first Italian turn-key wind farm, to the investor. The wind farm Karstädt in Brandenburg (Germany) is completed by the end of the year.
2008 WKN Windkraft Nord AG sells projects in France (130 MW) and Sicily (58 MW), among others.
2009 In June 2009 Siemens Project Ventures acquires shares in BGZ and its subsidiaries. In September WKN sells the Brandenburg-based wind farm Wehrhain with a total installed capacity of 16 MW to a Dutch Investor.
2010 In June 2010 WKN sells the Brandenburg-based wind farm Lübbenau with a total installed capacity of 16 MW to a Swiss group. At the end of the year the investment company Equiventus takes over Bardy, a 50-MW wind farm in Poland.
2011 At the beginning of the year WKN sells minority shares of its 450 MW pipeline to the investment company Equiventus. The deal includes projects in Poland and Italy. In mid-2011 the Husum-based group merges its companies in order to enhance procedures and focus on the WKN AG brand. WKN Windkraft Nord AG is now called WKN AG.
2012 WKN again sells several German turn-key-wind farms to international investors.
2013 Mid of the year 2013, the majority shares of WKN AG are purchased by PNE WIND AG located in Cuxhaven / Germany. WKN AG continues to operate as an independent company.
2014 The WKN Group consigns numerous German turn-key wind energy farms to various investors and successfully realizes the repowering project Weidehof. The French project Dargies which was sold in 2013 to an investor is being erected and commissioned on schedule.
2015 At the end of the year WKN sells the turn-key wind farm Westerengel.
2016 Beginning of 2016, WKN closes a frame agreement with the John Laing Group, amongst others for various projects in France. The first wind farm to be realized in France, Sommette-Eaucourt, is sold to the investor John Laing in September 2016.
2017 WKN achieves significant sales successes in selling wind farms in Germany and Sweden as well as project rights in the USA.