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BGZ Fondsverwaltung

The BGZ Fondsverwaltung GmbH, founded in 1998, ranks among the most important business fund administrators for operating companies (OPCOs) in the field of renewable energies in Germany. The responsibility of funds administration is to represent the interests of its limited partners over the entire operating period of a plant vis-à-vis banks, manufacturers, energy suppliers, landowners and other institutions.

The service offer of BGZ Fondsverwaltung is directed to all companies that attach importance to a professional business administrative conception and to competent, committed business management.

Not only do the experts at BGZ Fondsverwaltung and their partners in the Haus der Zukunftsenergien dispose of invaluable experience in the management of operating companies, but their record of success also extends to the realisation of several repowering projects and the initiation, conception and operation of extensive cable network companies.

BGZ Fondsverwaltung